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Winter Ice And Snow Queen Or Princess Makeup Ideas And Tips
- Dec 05, 2018 -

The Winter Makeup Look

One fascinating part of the winter makeup look for any season is it not only relates to the seasonal design, but it also can easily and quickly be adapted to a snow queen or ice princess look.

The colors involved really don't change much for each facial design, so once the pattern and look is decided upon, it's simply a matter of adding some of the elements needed to complete the final, desired result.

One thing that is an absolute requirement to meet the winter makeup look is a white or light base of some sort. Some ladies have tried to create a winter or ice queen look only to fail in the sense that it could be considered a face from any time of the year. After all, if you have to explain to others what it is you've done, there has been a failure to recreate a sense of winter on your face that is easily recognizable.

To me it's best not to call something a winter makeup look if you're not going to look the part. That goes for a snow or ice queen or princess as well. Since it looks great and attracts attention, it doesn't seem to be a good idea to attempt to get overly creative to the point of being unrecognizable in your winter makeup quest.

A snow or winter makeup design should be a lot of fun, and that fun is partially found in people readily identifying who and/or what you're portraying. so while we can get very creative, the foundation of a winter look must be included in order for people to delight in and understand what it is that has been created on your face.

Winter Makeup Colors

Even though many women through the years have just about incorporated every type of color into a winter makeup look, those colors that remain relevant for the theme year in and year out are grays, whites, light blues and light pinks.

Various hues close to those colors are also used, but those are the basic colors usually seen in any winter or snow makeup that is easily identified.

From there other fun elements are added to the winter look, including platinum hair coloring, wild lashes, accessories like tiaras, and in some cases additional face painting to really get into the winter spirit. Glitter is another nice touch which conveys a sense of the sun hitting the ice or snow and reflecting off of it.

As for facing painting, things like snowflakes and stars are added to complete the winter look.

There are far more creative things done in conjunction with a winter makeup theme, but you get the idea.

Snow Queen Makeup Look

This first image of a winter or snow queen makeup look is from an editorial which obviously was a lot of fun to do.

Obviously the thing that sticks out is that very light base and makeup used as a canvass to highlight the bright red lipstick.

I think it would have looked even better without that included in the color scheme, but it was a creative endeavor and so it was left as it is.

While it looks nice and garners a lot of attention, I want to focus on the rest of the makeup outside of the deep, red lips. Unfortunately it is obscured and hidden by those loud lips, but if you can look past them the rest of the face and overall look is fantastic.

Included is a little bit of everything that can be used to create a winter or snow queen look, including the cute tiara sporting icicles; the long, white lashes; and the lace on her neck and shoulders.

If you can picture something similar to this as a winter foundation, you can see how you can do just about anything else with the rest to have some creative fun.

This picture shows why winter makeup is such a compelling choice and option.

Ice Princess Makeup

In this photo there is a much more subtle foundation; one that is very nice looking but which doesn't cover the face quite as much as the woman in the first photo.

That was done intentionally, and I like how the eyebrows are just covered enough to keep them from standing out too much, but allowing them to be seen. The shadow under the eyes helps to define the face and helps the eyes to pop out in an easily seen but not overt manner.

As you can see in both of these winter makeups looks, the hair color is important, and is very complementary to the look and feel of the women. The same goes for the lace, beads and leaves worn by the ladies which helps the winter theme stand out nicely.

Having the gold leave sticking out on her temple below looks fantastic and helps to break up the lighter colors. The sense is given that this is plant that has survived the cold of the winter. Very nice.


Ice Princess and Ice Queen Makeup Up Video Tutorials

For those who learn best visually, here are a couple of ice queen and ice princess makeup video tutorials which show how to create two very different winter faces that look fantastic.

The first video focuses mostly on the silver which gives that winter and princess look, while bottom one provides a good look at the blue hue usually used by women for winter makeup color.

Notice the tiara and rhinestones used when incorporating a princess or queen theme into your winter makeup design.

Snow Princess Makeup

Ice Queen Make up Tutorial

Winter Makeup and Dark Hair

For those wanting to retain their dark hair color while sporting a winter look, there are several things you can do to strengthen the appearance.

One of them is simply streaking your hair with a light color; it could be gray, white or silver. Even a very light blue could work depending upon what your facial colors are. Another is the wearing of a net design which provides the look of snow laying on the hair. Lastly, adding little white flakes as you would see in an old TV movie works great as well.

The point is to use your darker hair to your advantage by making it easier to see what looks like snowflakes having landed on your hair. It doesn't work as nice with lighter hair color.

Highlights for Winter Makeup

Another really fun thing that can be done to make your winter look stand out more is to add some highlights which will help you stand out in a crowd.

You can do that with regular makeup or face paint, depending on what you're trying to create. One of the easiest is to apply some white or light gray to the areas by the side of your eye and bring it up at an angle until it hits your hairline. This works especially well when portraying a snow queen or princess. It complements a tiara or other accessory nicely.

Other things you can to is paint a snowflake or two on your face to proclaim your love of winter and the beautiful snow that accompanies it.

If you're especially bold and in the right social situation, you could also include a small, winter animal of some sort for a cute factor.

Winter and Snow Queen or Ice Princess Makeup Designs

As you can see from the photos, videos and tips, using your makeup and/or face paint to create a winter theme or to make yourself look like an ice princess or snow queen results in some extraordinary looks.

Not only that, but it is a lot of fun to do, and if you're with some friends, you can all make yourselves look different while retaining that wonderful winter and royal theme that stands out so wonderfully in a crowd.