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Types Of Makeup Brushes & Their Uses
- Sep 14, 2018 -

Tools Of The Trade

Most makeup brands sell a range of makeup brushes to compliment their makeup. Good quality makeup brushes made from high quality fibers or hair can be pricey. You can either purchase all your brushes from your favorite brand or mix and match those you prefer, or to get better value. We always recommend checking the brush you are considering purchasing is cruelty-free, and where possible choose vegan. So if you don’t know your contour blender from your smudge stick, brush up your tool knowledge with our tip top guide and brush recommendations to transform you from clueless to confident. And, for the professional makeup artists reading, these are the brushes we highly recommend for each type.

Foundation Brush

When it comes to professional makeup application, perhaps this is the most important brush of all. Designed to achieve a smooth and flawless finish, the bristles are tightly packed with a tapered tip for fluid application. Dampen the brush first in warm water and firmly squeeze the excess into a towel or tissue, this will help achieve a more even distribution. You can also blend any brush strokes as you go with a damp natural or wedge sponge. We love Ilobe Foundation Brush, since being such a well-renowned makeup artist, she sure knows what’s needed in a makeup brush!

PVC-单支-高端木柄-黑金-粉底刷 21.5g.jpg

Concealer/Camouflage Brush

A soft bristled, flat brush with a wider base and a pointed tip. Use to apply concealer under the eyes, to spots and to camouflage problem areas such as broken capillaries and areas of discoloration. We love Ilobe Concealer Brush, ideal for all concealer application, from concealing blemishes to under-eye dark circles.


Bronzer/Powder Brush

Soft, full and rounded, this brush can be used for both compact powder and bronzer. The bristles pick up the perfect amount of colour and distribute flawlessly onto the skin. Load your brush with the powder and shake away any excess before sweeping onto the skin. 

PVC-单支-香槟金-咖管-高端-散粉刷 34.2g-did.jpg

Mineral Powder Brush

A thick bundled brush that can sometimes be used both wet and dry. It is expertly designed to buff mineral powder onto your skin for pure perfection. Apply in small circular motions for a faultless finish. Ilobe Face Brush  is very versatile for all powder types and ideal for applying powder foundation or loose setting powders.

PVC-单支-香槟金-咖管-高端-火焰刷 34.5g.jpg

Fan Powder Brush

Created for use with loose powder, the fine fan sweeps a light dusting of powder onto the skin for a soft, velvety effect. This application technique avoids heavy coverage which can highlight fine lines and imperfections. These brushes are also used to remove excess powder on the face, particularly after eyeshadow application. Ilobe Fan Brush is easy to use and ideal for dry or cream products.


Blusher Brush

Made with fine, gentle fibres the blusher brush has a rounded head which is perfect for giving a pop of color to the apples of your cheeks. Sweep and blend along your cheekbone drawing the brush up into your hairline. Once again, Ilobe Blush Brush is amazing!

PVC-单支-香槟金-咖管-高端-平头刷 24.6g.jpg

Eye Shadow Brush

Large, flat, short and brimming with bristles for excellent coverage. The soft bristles have a beveled edge for a smooth application without ‘dragging’ the eyelid. Use to apply all over color. EcoTools Eyeshadow Brush Duo set in two sizes is ideal for smaller and larger area coverage, and a bargain at $5.99!

PVC-单支-香槟金-咖管-高端-小眼影刷 6.9g.jpgPVC-单支-香槟金-咖管-高端-眼影刷 7.1g.jpg