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The Bristles Of Professional Makeup Brushes Are Generally Divided Into Animal Hairs And Synthetic Hairs
- Jun 15, 2018 -

The bristles of professional makeup brushes are generally divided into animal hairs and synthetic hairs. The natural animal fur has a full scale of hair, so the hair is soft and the powder is saturated. It can evenly conform to the color and does not irritate the skin. In general, animal hair is the best material for makeup brush bristles. To make the makeup look beautiful, you may be just a set of tools. Makeup brushes have gone from professional stylists to beauty-conscious women. According to the makeup artist, armpit hair is the best in the bristles and the texture is soft and moderate. Mountain wool is the most common animal hair material, soft and durable texture. The texture of pony hair is softer and more flexible than ordinary horsehair. Artificial wool artificial fiber is harder than animal hair, suitable for thick creamy makeup. The hardest nylon texture, used as a mascara brush, eyebrow brush.

Professional brush pay attention to the division of labor, so thrush eyebrow brush, eye shadow may have eye shadow, eyeliner, eye pleat brush, as well as lip brush, honey brush, etc., before the era of large, medium and small three brushes to go the world has passed. But with so many tools, can it completely replace the traditional makeup tools? Is powder and cotton pad not abandoned? the answer is negative. Taking the most important step in make-up as an example, the puff is still the best tool for evening out foundations, but after the last time the powder is finished, it is then brushed off with a large honey brush and the entire makeup will be more Naturally, therefore, brushes and other tools used to be used by everyone should be good helpers instead of replacing new habits with new ones.

With the passage of time, changes in the era, a lot of brushing features have a new interpretation, take the foundation, for example, before the traditional foundation brush are flat shape, pink contact with the skin more considerate, use the side of the way, That is, the side of the brush is in contact with the face. Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of color cosmetics technology, the makeup products have been continuously updated and the style and function of the brush have been updated. Now, the foundation is mainly used and the most popular is the flat brush. In addition, it is possible to use powdered foundation or creamy foundation. The technique is no longer the use of the brush's side. Instead, it uses a flat brush head. The part with a flat brushhead is soft and delicate. Naturally uniform, it is the most popular now. Of course, businesses have also been innovating, and the new flat-bottom beveled foundation brush will also be more powerful in production and production.

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