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Pick Makeup Sponge Raiders
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Sponge standard

When selecting a sponge, it is mainly determined by its feel and elasticity. It should have a soft touch and be malleable.

In normal use, if the touch with the skin becomes poor after cleaning and the edge is in a broken state, it should be replaced.

Five "character"

Cosmetic sponges can be divided into two categories: cleansing sponges and puff sponges for makeup. Slightly porous pore cleansing sponge for gentle removal of skin keratin. The “dual-use” sponges on the market can be used both for cleansing and as a foundation makeup puff. There are usually four types of sponges:

1, thoughtful type

This sponge surface barely shows any voids and feels smooth. In addition to being used to wash your face, there is also the role of foundation.

2, big 咧咧 type

Sponge surface gap is larger, exfoliating effect is excellent, but because the surface is rough, the damage to the skin is also large, should not be used often, otherwise it will leave behind large pores and other "sequelae".

3, "Skinny" Wai Hui Medium

Stem-smooth: The appearance is smooth and thin. It does not look so conspicuous, but it is made of wood pulp. The water absorption is quite good.

4, frame type

Refers to the thicker stripe surface of the sponge.

5, honest and honest

It is usually round and cut and has a strong thickness and strong absorption. It is very convenient for correcting the fine powder or removing too much powder. Use it gently to increase the feeling of adhesion to the skin.