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Makeup Tips For Older Women
- Aug 16, 2018 -

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

With young, smooth skin anything goes, doesn't it? When you're young even haircuts and dos can be drastic and different. Your face is a blank canvas for experimentation, but most of us over 50 do not have perfect skin, and we should face it.

When we start aging, trying to look drastic is not what we want! We do not want to draw attention to ourselves by overdoing it. When we over-apply makeup, people do not look at us because we are attractive but because we look like a clown.

Many women do not seem to understand this. Take a look at your skin and reevaluate it at the age you are now. If you have taken very good care of your skin then you can get by with more, but you still cannot turn back the clock. (With the right treatment, maybe a little!) If you are fifty and look forty that is great, but it still is not thirty! If you are getting double takes, it is probably not for a good reason.


How Much is Too Much?

1. Do not be a pale face. A very pale complexion needs a tinted moisturizer at the very least, or perhaps a slight rose-colored gel stick blended evenly over the cheeks, nose, and chin.

2. Do not overdo on the makeup. A caked look will only add years, not take them off.

3. Do not use too much concealer. Trying to hide dark circles and wrinkles can backfire when we all you get is a caked look. Use a cream colored liquid concealer and smooth out the edges.

4. Do not wear dark lipsticks that make lips look thinner. Dark lip colors are as bad as the dark eye colors. Too stark and age defining.

5. Avoid putting liner around the whole eye. Line 3/4 of the eye at most, avoiding the inside edges. Add light shades there.

6. Wear a softer smudged liner instead of stark dark one. Smudge with lighter shades of liner.

7. Avoid mascara on bottom lashes, which can actually droop the eye. Older women cannot carry the bottom lash mascara look. Use a soft smudge instead.

8. Do not paint on thin eyebrows. For a more natural and less stark look, do not use a stick pencil to color in your brow. (Look at photos this article.)

9. Avoid full face color bronzer. This is sort of a tanning bed look and we don't want that.

10. Do not line the lips. This makes older lips look even thinner. Dab center lips over lipstick with gloss to plump up a fuller look.


Do You See What I See?

It is really sad when women do not realize they are only getting looks of pity. We have all seen these makeup disasters even in younger women who can get by with so much.

You know that dark makeup that sometimes only goes to the chin or maybe halfway down the neck but still there is the starkness of beginning and end? Makeup all wrong and this person is oblivious to it!

Usually they are very pretty women too so you just have to wonder. Is their eyesight bad? Do they not have a caring friend to tell them?

This is for those of us who are beginning to be older women who really should know and here are also some tips you can use that perhaps you never knew about.

Use the Correct Color Tone for Your Skin.

If you use liquid makeup use one that blends into the skin the right color for you. Many shops that sell makeup will help you with this and let you see for yourself. I have purchased but not yet used the BB Cream that is suppose to be lighter than makeup with just a little help evening our tone and now we have the CC Cream I have been checking out which seems to be an improvement on the BB Cream. Will I be able to withstand the temptations? A makeup good for your skin; maybe not so bad!

The bottom video is amazing. The lady is full of wrinkles and although I am sure she always will be you can readily see how makeup can be used to erase fine lines and wrinkles and the makeup artist tells you everything you need. I will be looking at that a few more times taking notes!