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Makeup Sponge Tips
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Use a sponge to help rub red and apply lipstick, which softens the color and does not peel off easily.

Put the slightly damp makeup sponge in the refrigerator, and after a few minutes, take a cold sponge on the skin that has been applied to the foundation. You will feel the skin is refreshing and the makeup looks particularly refreshing.

Use a clean side of the sponge for each makeup. A piece of sponge can be divided into four parts: the left side of the surface, the right side of the surface, the left side of the inside, and the right side of the inside. Each time one part is used, after using four times, the soap should be thoroughly cleaned to reduce the loss of the sponge.

For a friend who is accustomed to make-up, a makeup sponge is an indispensable helper. Its greatest function is to clean the skin, and evenly push the foundation on the skin, absorb more foundation and correct details. Those who like refreshing makeup must have a passionate love for them. Because it is commonly used, it will soon be felt that the sponge is not strong enough and lacks elasticity, and that at regular intervals, new materials and shapes will appear, allowing you to try to buy a home when you are shopping.