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How To Wear Makeup - The Steps For Makeup Application
- Dec 14, 2018 -

This hub is especially for ladies who love the idea of wearing makeup but just do not know how to apply makeup or the steps that are involved. Information like this can also be valuable for teenage girls and younger women, who are just beginning to wear makeup for the first time.

  • Basically if you are in an older age bracket but never really considered wearing much makeup before or you are younger and just ready to start wearing makeup, there will be some helpful tips on applying makeup here for you, either way.

  • You might think that it is just too time consuming but applying makeup can actually take much less time than you might have originally imagined.

  • After you follow these steps to do your makeup a few times, it will become more like second nature and can be done routinely within 10 minutes.

  • Here are the steps for enhancing your natural beauty with makeup today! :

1. If you have long hair, put it away from your face in a bun and if you having bangs, pin them back. Start with a clean face. Use a gentle facial cleanser to wash your face, then pat face dry with a clean face towel.

2. While the skin is still cool and damp, apply a gentle moisturizer. Do not use too much. You can make small dots with the moisturizer on your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin and then and then rub the moisturizer in evenly.

3. Wait 5 minutes and then apply some primer. Primer is wonderful for achieving a smooth finish with your makeup. You can use the same technique that you did with the moisturizer to spread it evenly without using too much.

4. The next step is concealer, if you feel it is necessary for your skin. If you have any uneven skin tone or dark spots such as scars from acne, concealer is a great option for you. Sometimes, women might even choose to cover birthmarks on the face with concealer.

Do not distribute the concealer throughout your face, but only on those uneven spots. Use a shade that is as dark as the rest of your skin but lighter than the dark spots. Do not be surprised when shopping for concealer and you find that they often come in many different colors, even green! The green concealers still work well but again, use them only on the necessary spots.

Foundation and powder

5. The next step is foundation. While the previous items could have been applied with just the fingertips, you might opt to apply foundation with a makeup sponge, puff, brush or cotton ball. For the foundation, you do want to spread it evenly over the whole face and neck. Use a shade that closely matches your skin tone. Your canvas is now set to apply some beautiful color.

6. The next step is a pressed powder and/or loose powder. You might use them interchangeably for a pretty even finish. You will again want to use a shade that most closely matches your skin tone. Mineral powder is great. Also apply this with a brush preferably. My favorite brushes are kabuki brushes with soft hairs.

Eye makeup

7. The next step is the eyes and here are the steps for eye makeup application.:

  • do not avoid the eye area when you are applying everything else. Instead choose an ultra gentle moisturizer that is just for the eye area and apply it separately from the one you used on the rest of the face. Also apply, some foundation and powder to the eyelids but use separate brushes from what you used on the rest of the face. After all that is applied, you are ready for eyeshadow. Make sure you have clean eyeshadow applicators or cotton swabs.

  • Choose a beautiful, complementary and popular shade so that your makeup does not look dated. Eyeshadows come in all shades and it is a lot of fun finding the one that is right for you. I like green, gold and copper eye shadows. Some women like turqoise or even red. Red eyeshadow with black eyeliner is a daring but pretty combination.

  • after the eyeshadow is applied, eyeliner is the next step. I prefer an eyeliner with a brush to a pencil eyeliner because the eyeliner with a brush is very easy to apply and you can achieve a smoky finish is desired. The smoky finish looks a little more smudged and less rigid.

  • After applying the eyeliner, it is time for the mascara. Mascara has to be one of my favorite makeup items. Choose a mascara that will lengthen, strengthen and perhaps even curl your lashes. I do not use fake lashes or an eyelash curler but if you like those items, they are also an option here.

  • brow pencil- after the brows have been properly groomed, you can fill them in a bit with a brow pencil just by following the direction of brow hair growth for them to look more defined. (groom the eyebrows if needed, i.e.- trim the brows before any makeup is applied, maybe the night before you apply your morning makeup).


Bronzer and blush

8. After your eye makeup is all done, move down the face toward the cheeks and nose. Make sure your makeup is still even and did not smudge while you were doing your eyes.

Add a little bronzer on the nose to take away any shine and add some to the cheeks as well. With a big, soft brush, you can sweep the bronzer right across your face, from one cheek to your nose to your other cheek.

I do not use much blush, but for defining the cheekbones, it is good to use just a little blush. Choose the most natural looking color possible.

I once heard that the color of blush you choose should look like the redness in the palm of your hand, at the fingertip when your press down on the fingertip. I like to go by that tip.