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Makeup for Tan Skin, Brown Hair, and Blue Eyes
- Jan 02, 2019 -

Women with tan skin, brown hair, and blue eyes have a beauty combination of all-American girl and beach girl rolled into one.

Celebrities such as Nadia Bjorlin, Adriana Lima, and Elizabeth Hurley are all known for having these features and carrying them off with perfection.

Below are makeup tips for tan skin, brown hair, and blue eyes.

We will cover makeup tips for eyebrows, foundation and concealer, eye makeup, blush colors, and lip colors.


  • Make sure to keep your brows dark enough so that your tan does not overpower them. The sun will sometimes naturally lighten your eyebrows. Since you have dark hair on your head, you do not want eyebrows lighter than your hair.

  • Give your eyebrows a slim shape with a flattering arch, like Nadia Bjorlin's brows in the picture above. Even though you have dark hair and dark hair often looks good with fuller eyebrows, your look should be sleek so that people focus their attention on your blue eyes.

Foundation and Concealer

  • If you are getting a tan from the natural sun or from a sun lamp, chances are that your skin will be mostly blemish-free. Even so, make sure to get a concealer that you can use for the occasional breakout as well as for the thin skin under your eyes. Make sure to purchase the concealer while your skin is at its peak tan so that you don't purchase a product that is too light to blend in later on.

  • Be aware that when you purchase foundation and concealer for your tan skin, you will need to maintain the same skin color as long as you have the product. If your tan varies from month-to-month, consider also purchasing foundation and concealer that will match your in-between tan times. If you are naturally tan, then obviiously only one set of products is necessary.


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  • Nadia Bjorlin

  • Adriana Lima

  • Elizabeth Hurley

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Eye Makeup

  • Always use black mascara so that your lashes don't have to compete for attention with your skin color.

  • Use a thin layer of black eyeliner during the dayAt night, use a thicker layer for drama, and also try blue eyeliner for an exotic look.

  • Your best eyeshadow colors will be blue, gray, and pink.

Blush Colors

  • Pinks and browns will be your best blush colors.

  • Always wear traces of your blush on other parts of your face -- around your temples, your forehead, and your nose. This makes your face look coordinated in color, rather than color being concentrated only on your cheeks, for example.

Lip Colors

  • The lip shades that will look best on you are medium pinks, soft browns, and violets.