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How To Get Your Face Ready To Apply Makeup
- Dec 24, 2018 -

Keep it Simple ~

Simplicity is the key in how to get your face ready to apply makeup.

No matter what the occasion is, be it for everyday makeup or a night out, how to prepare the skin is much the same.

Simple skin care that is effective is far more beneficial to your skin and how your makeup performs, than using may different products you think you need or should be using that may in fact work against you.

As a Make Up Artist and Beauty Therapist of over 20 years, I have a passion for skin care, makeup and passing on my knowledge and advice in both.

When I look back to how these Industries have changed over the years and how people are becoming more and more conscious about what they are using on their skin, it is about time.

Saturday Night = Party Night

a ritual of spending hours getting ready for your Saturday night out will be familiar to some! | Source

Did You Know

  • The skin is the largest organ of the body.

  • Your skin loses 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells nearly every minute.

  • 90% of household dust is dead skin cells.

  • Going to bed with makeup can age skin 7 times faster.

  • Oily skin tends to age the slowest.

  • 80% of visual damage to skin is caused by UV rays.

The Ritual ~

Getting ready for the ritual “Saturday night out” used to be a major occasion in my house as it was for many of you, I am guessing.

Maybe it is still a much anticipated weekly routine for you so good for you!

I used to take hours and I do mean HOURS preening and prepping my youthful face and body, listening to my “get in the party mood” music, sipping a glass or two of white wine and deciding which outfit would be sure to impress the Dublin lads.

Then when I’d cleansed, toned, applied a facial scrub, body scrub, plucked, moisturized, applied fake tan, painted nails, applied face primer, applied all my makeup and my jewelry, changed outfits a good few times . . . . I was ready to go! Phew, I am tired just thinking about it now.

Over the top? Absolutely!

Was it fun? For sure!

Now it’s my niece who goes through the ritual I and her mum used to do and my brother no doubt thinks Here we go again.

What else affects our skin?

  • Genes

  • Diet

  • Exercise

  • Sleep

  • Hydration

  • Health

  • Medication

  • Climate

  • Smoking

  • Excessive Drinking

  • Hormonal Changes

Skin Care Basics ~

Everyone’s skin is different and should be treated as such.

What is adequate skin care and makeup for teens is totally different to a mature woman. Skins have different needs at different times of our lives in a nutshell.

We are constantly bombarded daily in magazines, adverts and media sites with stunning women with flawless skin.

Knowing how to achieve that flawless skin starts with how to prepare the skin before makeup is applied.

For this article we will take a look at how to get your face ready first thing in the morning before applying makeup for the day.