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Great Skin Care Tip-Seborrheic Dermatitis
- Oct 08, 2018 -

I struggled for most of my teenage life and early 20's with various episodes of bad facial acne varying in severity. It was extremely annoying and most of all embarrassing. I tried just about everything under the sun to cure it from facial washes, scrubs, moisturises and antibiotics. Nothing seemed to work for any great length of time. I suppose around my 20th birthday my acne disappeared which was a huge relief but unfortunately my joy was short lived. What i started to develop now wasn't acne but more an unsightly red blotchy irritated rash around my nose and cheeks. It was extremely irritating and possibly more disgusting to look at than my acne was. I suffered with this for around three years, again trying every moisturiser and creme under the sun to fix it. It wasn't until a couple of months ago when i started to do a bit of research into what the condition was that i found the cure to my problem and haven't looked back since.

After looking through a few sites online i found out that what i had was called Seborrheic dermatitis. In short it is basically a form of dermatitis that produces a yeast called Mallassezia that grows on everyones face but is particularly prevalent in people with oily skin. This is the case because its this excess oil from the pores in the skin called sebum that the yeast feeds on. So essentially for years as i was applying cremes and moisturisers to my face to help my condition i was actually making things worse for myself.

Some immediate action you must take if you have this condition is to immediately stop apply moistures to your face and also stop using face washes etc (you guessed it the yeast feeds of this as well). Literally every product you can think of like soaps, anti-fungal cremes etc all still provide food for the yeast to feed off so it is imperative you stop using these products on you face right away.

The solution is an unlikely one and i will admit i was skeptical at first but very pleased with the results. Sea Salt is the miracle cure for this!!!! Some other articles will tell you you need to use Dead Sea Salt but honestly i have just used regular cooking sea salt and it works really well. Now don't just go scrubbing a heap of sea salt on your face, there is a bit of a method you need to follow to get really good results.

First off with warm water wash your face lightly to remove any dirt and most importantly open up your pores, do this for around 20 seconds. Next you want to fill your basin up with around 2 litres of again quite warm (not too hot) water then add one good sized tablespoon to the basin and stir till dissolved. Now you want to basically wash your face again with this water for a couple of minutes or until the water is no longer warm. It may sting a little if your skin is currently inflamed but no more than going to the beach. After you have done this its very important to wash you face under cold water to close your pores back up and then dab your face dry with a towel. Do this every morning and night and you will have amazing results.

After this process your skin should feel a lot tighter but shouldn't be too dry as you would have experienced when using face washes (this was a big problem of mine which caused me to have to use a lot of moisturiser). At night after i do this i never use moisturiser as i have naturally oily skin anyway (hence the problem) and i find that i wake up with really fresh feeling skin that isn't overly oily but not dried out either. In the morning though i will use some so as to avoid the risk of having flaky skin at work but on the weekend i go with out.

The moisturiser you need to use in my opinion is an oatmeal based one like aveeno, this stuff is really good because it doesn't have any actual oily stuff in it and leaves your skin dry after application but also doesn't give the yeast anything to feed off of.

In all honesty i started using this one night around three weeks ago and when i woke up in the morning my skin was looking noticeably better already and now i pretty much have no redness or anything to worry about. So there you go i really hope this can help at least one person out there cause it really has changed my life and i have never been happier and its all to this simple solution that i decided to try on a whim one day.