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General Cleansing Meter Has Several Main Functions
- Jun 15, 2018 -

1. Current and electric pulse mode: Micro-current pulse modulation technology is applied to human skin, meridians, and acupoints to achieve the purpose of firming, wrinkle removing, and beauty.

2, micro-vibration method: the use of mechanical vibration, voltage stimulation, the body's skin tighten, increase their own flexibility, enhance skin cell metabolism.

3, various colors of light irradiation: the use of various colors of light on the different mechanisms of skin tissue, improve human skin condition. The method of raising body temperature: Using the equipment to increase the body temperature of the human body, accelerating the metabolism of the human body, representing equipment waxing machine, red light irradiation apparatus.

4, microwave equipment: the use of microwaves can penetrate deep subcutaneous tissue, drive the contraction of the cell movement to achieve beauty firming. Vacuum adsorption type: The equipment uses a special adsorption tool to act on the human skin, and the human skin is vacuumed. As the tool moves above the body, it can be squeezed, massaged, and exercised to achieve detoxification. Skin, increase tissue cell viability.

5, laser therapy: the use of laser heat energy, destroy skin epidermal cells, mainly used in speckles, to remove phlegm, eliminate lice, sheath, lice and so on.