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- Aug 31, 2018 -

Here are seven beauty products to keep in your handbag at all times.


This one is important. Have concealer on hand to hide dark circles, imperfections, redness and even out discolouration. Look for a concealer with a doe foot applicator so that you can easily apply product on-the-go.

Hand cream

We use our hands all day so it’s important to show them some love and make a habit of regularly applying hand cream. Keep a hand cream in your hand bag and apply it after washing your hands throughout the day.

Tinted lip balm

Save yourself from dry, flaky lips by carrying a nourishing lip balm with you. Look for one with moisture-rich ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E to condition and leave your lips feeling soft and plump. A tinted lip balm will give you a hint of colour which saves you the need to carry another lip product.

Nail file

You know that moment when you look down and notice that your nails are untidy and rigid? Avoid this and keep your nails looking smooth and polished by keeping a nail file in your handbag.

Eyebrow pencil

Just in case you accidentally rub your face or your makeup sweats off during the day, it’s likely that you’ll be reapplying your makeup at some point. Always carry your eyebrow pencil with you so your brows stay #onfleek all day.

Makeup mirror

You never know when you might need a makeup mirror. Whether you need to apply your makeup on the train or check your t-zone before you head to dinner, keeping a mirror with you is a very good idea.

CC Cream

Instead of carrying your foundation with you, keep a tube of CC cream in your bag instead. It still offers coverage but will also give your skin a boost of hydration too. CC Cream can also double as a light concealer and is great for covering redness.