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Asian Eye Makeup Tips: Three Different Looks
- Jan 09, 2019 -

The Natural Look

Here are Asian eye makeup tips for three makeup looks: the Natural Look, theEvening Look, and the Smokey Eye Look. These eye makeup tips for Asian eyes will help you discover how to change your eye makeup to suit the occasion so everyone takes notice of you!

Best of all, these eye looks are easy and only require a few steps to achieve them.

Note: For all of these looks, make sure you apply foundation first, getting into the corners and around the edges of your eyes.

Asian Eye Makeup Tips: The Natural Look

If you aren't used to wearing eye makeup when you want to look natural, consider changing your routine. Perfecting this look only takes a few steps.

  • Sweep a peachy golden-hued eye shadow across your entire eyelid and all the way up to your eyebrows. Then, sweep the same eye shadow across the area along your lower lash line. Make sure the eye shadow color is only subtly darker than your natural skin color. Think of the eye shadow color as the type you would apply to your cheeks -- like a natural blush.

  • Apply a very thin line of black eyeliner across your upper lash line.

  • Finish with one coat of clear or black mascara on your upper lashes only. Don't use thickening or lengthening mascaras.

  • If you have sparse eyebrows, fill them in just enough so that they look full.

Asian Eye Makeup: Evening Looks

This look is perfect for a party or when you go on a special date. You can switch out any color eye shadow as long as it is suited to your skin tone and the outfit you're wearing.

Just the Basics:

  • Apply an almost nude eye shadow to your lids.

  • Follow up with eyeliner, extending from the innermost lid to the outermost edge.

  • Apply three layers of black mascara to your upper lashes only.

Going All Out:

  • Apply shimmery lavender eye shadow from the inside of your lid, all the way up to the area under your brow bone, and then extend past the outside corner.

  • Line your upper eyelids only with black pencil.

  • Apply two coats of black mascara, or for fun occasions, try false black eyelashes.

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Eye Makeup Tips for Asian Eyes: The Smokey Eye Look

Smokey eyes are sexy and give you an air of mystery. This look is especially popular in urban areas like Manhattan and Tokyo. This smokey eye look is great when you pair it with a dark outfit like a black dress.

  • Sweep dark brown eye shadow from the inside corner of your eyelid to the area under your brow bone. Extend the shadow just to the outside edge of your eyelid.

  • Apply a light peach eye shadow to the area underneath of your eyebrows.

  • Sweep a charcoal shadow across your lid and extend it past the outside edge of your eyes.

  • Line your upper and lower lids with black pencil, extending the liner past the outside edge of your upper lash line.

  • Apply two to three coats of black mascara.

Hint: To make sure you have done your eye makeup right, take a quick picture of your face with your eyes closed. Check the picture out for smudges and unbalanced makeup application on your eyes. Reapply as needed.

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