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- Aug 31, 2018 -

Having the right tool for every beauty job can be the difference between a good result, and a great result.

It’s kind of like when a Masterchef contestant forgets to season their dish. If ONLY they’d added that pinch of salt, they might have received the best score.

So if you want your beauty routine to be a 10/10, make sure your beauty toolbox is stocked with the essentials.

The best beauty tools for… PERFECT MAKE-UP

A make-up sponge

Use it to: Seamlessly apply and blend your base liquid or cream make-up products (foundation, concealer, blush etc). Look for an egg-shaped design to fit into all the different contours of your face.

A lash curler

Use it to: Give lift to straight lashes, to make them appear longer and fluttery. Curling your lashes before applying mascara will help the mascara perform better in terms of volume and length.

A basic brush set

Use it to: Apply powders and eye make-up. You don’t need to have every make-up brush available, but a basic big fluffy brush, plus some smaller ones to perfect your eyeshadow, liner and brows will come in handy. M.A.C Senior Artist Carol Mackie says that brushing the brows up “will create an instant eye lift.”

A good pair of tweezers

Use it to: Maintain your brows and apply false lashes. Make sure to choose a pair with good grip so you’re removing hairs from the root (instead of just breaking them off) and always have your false lashes placed at the ready in your tweezers before applying glue.