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50's Makeup
- Jan 04, 2019 -

Do you need to put your face on?

You'll have a blast gazing at these gorgeous beauties and reading the makeup tips essential to being cool in the fifties!

When I think about the essential 50's face, I think glamour and lots of it! I imagine Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and other sophisticated ladies of the time on the red carpet in a glittering gown and all dolled up with a face to match. In the fifties, the look was pure femininity. The lips and eyes were both strong in their own way. The most popular color on the lips was red, but various shades of pink were seen every now and then. The eyes were meant to look cat-like with lots of black eye liner and black mascara. Eyeshadow was light and sometimes not even used. Also, the eyes were framed with defined, arched eyebrows. The canvas of it all was a glorious pale complexion achieved with foundation and powder.

Revel in the glory of this old age beauty as you view these pictures and videos of beautiful woman. Channel their ancient Hollywood glamour into your own style today by checking out stars that wear their own version of the classic 50's look. Now excuse me while I go to the powder room to touch up my makeup!