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What to pay attention to when using hoist puff
- Jun 15, 2018 -

1. Non-latex texture is preferred. Look at the density of the pulverulence texture, the degree of refinement and is not thick. Because it will affect your makeup results.

2. When using, please prepare a spray with clean water or mineral water. Spray the gourd puff with a spray before applying on the bottom of the makeup, then rub the powder puff by hand to make the humidity even. Because the gourd powder puff is sponge-like, only when it is evenly moistened, it will not absorb much of the base makeup and affect the concealer effect.

3. Can not put the gourd powder too wet, otherwise it will only dilute the foundation.

How to use: Wet use: When the sponge is wet, the sponge becomes larger, squeezing out excess moisture, and the makeup is more compliant.

Dry use: Use dry powder directly.

1. Before using the liquid foundation, wring the makeup sponge with water to achieve the best results.

2, usually can be used to play foundation, apply liquid foundation and cream, and finally use it to press, makeup will be very long-lasting, very close to the skin, with a wide face and other parts of the cheek makeup, narrow face or tip on the nose and other eyelids Part of the makeup.

3, the location of the tip even the most difficult to reach the location of the nose gap can perfectly fill the foundation.