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The purchase of puff
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Oily skin

Every time a powder puff catches powder, the amount of powder will be more, and the area of contact with the skin is also larger than the size of the paint. It is not easy for the makeup to “fall off” quickly.

Neutral Skin: Scattered brush is an indispensable tool when you use loose powder. The stucco powder is much smaller than the puff, and there is no heavy accumulation.

Mixed skin

The puff can be used in the oil-loving area of T-zone to make the makeup look delicate and thick; while the cheeks are relatively dry, you can choose to paint.

Dry skin

Dry skin is suitable for brushing and loose powder, but if your skin is very dry, it is best to save the step of loose powder in order to avoid floating powder.

Recommendation 1: The sponge with a soft texture is suitable for liquid foundation and powder cream because of its strong water absorption. At the time of purchase, the sponge can be slightly opened to both sides, and the "holes" of the sponge can be easily seen to be large or small, and it can be judged as a loose or dense material.

Proposal 2: If it is impossible to know from the label of the sponge whether it is a natural or synthetic material, the sponge can be opened and examined to see if there is a colloidal material. The most obvious method is that there is a "bright" material in it. It is a synthetic texture.