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The advantages and disadvantages of cleansing brushes
- Jun 15, 2018 -

First, the benefits of cleansing brush:

1, uniform speed control

Electric cleansing products can avoid over-cleaning or cleaning due to the fact that the cleaning speed cannot be guaranteed to be exactly the same due to the uniform and controllable rotation speed. Many cleansing devices also have different rotational speeds to choose from, ensuring that different skin types are clean and in place.

2, deep pore cleaning

The bristles of electric facial cleansing products are mostly made of fiber materials and have high toughness. Their diameter is smaller than the average size of the pores, so they can deeply clean the dirt and grease in the pores, and at the same time it will not harm the skin. This is difficult to do with ordinary cleansing methods, but the pores are delicate, and there is no need for a cleansing apparatus for a sister without any skin problems.

3, can effectively address the oil T area

The handle and brush head of the cleansing brush can be used to more effectively target the oil T area without worrying about cleaning the face by hand and placing the emphasis on the delicate cheek area. The cleansing apparatus can also be well-cleaned for the nose chin and other corners, so as to avoid unclean washing and uneven skin tone.

Second, clean brush bad:

After cleaning the face with the electric cleansing product, if the brush head can not keep dry, due to its own structural characteristics, it is easy to breed bacteria.