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Smoldering Eye Makeup for any Eye Color
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Pairing eyeshadow with eye color

We all want that perfect eyeshadow look that pops up our eyes and face. The first thing you must make sure of is to use the right color eyeshadow for your eye color. Using the right shades should make your eyes really pop and look glamorous. Using the wrong shade can leave you looking like a raccoon.

If you have brown eyes: Stick with a palette of purples ranging from a dark plum to the lightest lavendar along with a plum colored eyeliner.

  • MAC Eye Shadow Quad Color

  • Pop Beauty Eye Shaper Eye Shadow

  • Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plus Eye Shadow Quad

  • Almay Intense i-Color eye liner

If you have blue eyes: Use a palette of earthy browns that include dark brown, orangey copper and light beige along with a dark brown eyeliner

  • Smashbox Eye Shadow Trio Brown

  • NYX 3 Color Eye Shadow

  • Maybelline Expert Wear Shadow Trio

  • Maybelline Define a Line

If you have green eyesYou actually want to mix a medium to light purple along with medium to light greens and then use a raisin colored eyeliner

  • Almay Intense i-Color eyeshadow

  • Physicians Formula Shadow and Liner Pop

  • Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner

If you have hazel eyesYou also are going to be using the earthy tones that the blue eyed girls use but you will start with a peachy pink, add in a dark brown and then finish off with a light beige and line it with dark green liner

  • Physicians Formula Custom Eye Shadow

  • L'Oreal Wear Inifite Eye Shadow

  • Pallido Herbal Eyeliner

How To Apply

Tool you will need before applying:

  • Eyelash curler: one that is heated will give you lashes for days

  • Mascara: black for everyone EXCEPT blondes and red heads who should use clear mascara.

  • Your three eye shadow colors

  • Eyeliner

To start, curl your eyelashes.

Then apply the first eye shadow color, the darkest color, on each of your bottom lids. Then sweep the medium color in the middle between the lid and the top of the eyebrows. Finally, sweep the lightest color on the top near your eyebrows. Make sure they all blend well.

Apply the eye liner next by making a very small line around the top eyelashes. If you like, you can line the lower lashes but until you are an expert I would not recommend this.

*Use a q-tip to smudge out any mistakes made with the eyeliner to blend into eyeshadow*

Lastly, apply the mascara to the lashes and do at least two or three coats per eye.

Now you are ready to hit the town with smoldering eyes that will be sure to make heads turn!