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Puff is a kind of makeup tool
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Powder puff is a kind of makeup tool. Generally loose powder and powder box will contain puffs, mostly cotton and velvet materials, for dipping foundation and makeup. According to the different types of puffs, there are mainly the following functions: The sponge puff is more suitable for use in wet water, and it can easily and evenly push the liquid foundation. The triangular shape is convenient for applying the corners of the eyes and the position of the nose. Dry and wet puffs are generally round or rectangular. Whether they are wet or not, wet or dry powder can be applied to the face. No matter whether sponge puff or wet or dry powder puff is used, it is better to have moderate softness.

Powder puff basic structure


Divided into two natural and synthetic textures. Natural sponges have good water absorption and are suitable for use in liquid foundations and powder creams. Synthetic sponges have good elasticity but lack of water absorption and are suitable for powder applications.

Side thickness

The sponge with a large thickness will have better elasticity, and when used, the comfort of the skin will be doubled, and the foundation will also be easy to play naturally.