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Puff at least once a week
- Jun 15, 2018 -

1. Whether on the foundation or makeup, puff effect can not be underestimated, it is recommended to usually prepare one or two more puff, easy to replace at any time.

2. When puffing powder with a puff, do not pour the entire puff on the powder, otherwise it will cause unnecessary waste, and it can't be meticulously spotted on the nose or eyelids.

3. The secretion of oil from the nose is particularly strong. It is not appropriate to apply too thick powder makeup, otherwise it is easy to cause loss of makeup. It is recommended to use the remaining powder on the puff to gently wipe it from the top to bottom, or press the nose flap after folding the powder puff, also Can play fixed makeup, blackheads and redness phenomenon.

4. If you want to subtly cover dark dark circles, uneven skin tone or obvious bags under the eyes, it is best to use a triangle-shaped puff to gently press the eyelids. The effect is very good.

5. When setting makeup, use a puff to gently brush over the contour of the face, not only to remove excess powder, but also help to complete the natural transition of the face and neck, to avoid causing local embarrassment due to obvious color differences.

6. At least one puff is to be cleaned every week. Because the puff easily absorbs the oil on the surface of the skin, the puff that absorbs grease reacts with the air, making it difficult to pick up the powder, even breeding bacteria and reducing the skin's own resistance.

7. Before the sponge is cleaned, it is best to do a screening inspection. The texture must be dense to be cleaned, otherwise it will be easily broken after washing. And the number of sponge cleaning can not be too much, it is really dirty old sponge, the internal filth can not be completely cleaned up, the elasticity is already tired and unable to continue to use, not as good as new.

8. Use a bubble cleanser that must be fully lathered to avoid excessive rubbing when washing your face. Although the foaming foam is foaming faster and more, the water content in the foam is very low. Such a foam cannot reduce the friction. Therefore, when using foaming foam, it is necessary to control the foam concentration and add a few more waters during the foaming. If you don't know how to measure, use your hand to hit the bubble.