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How to use hoist puff
- Jun 15, 2018 -

1. When grooming around the eyes with base makeup, use the tip of the gourd puff, which is the pointed part.

2. When modifying the nose around the foundation, use the side of the top of the gourd puff (that is, the side of the sharp corner).

3. When modifying the corner of the mouth with the bottom makeup, use both the sharp corner and the side of the gourd puff.

4. The bottom makeup at the bottom of the lips and at the chin is still to be modified with the sharp side of the gourd powder puff.

5. The facial makeup on the cheeks and forehead of the face, as well as the sharp side of the gourd powder puff.

6. As for the blush, you can use the bottom of the gourd powder puff (that is, the flat end) and apply cream or cream blush.

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