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- Nov 13, 2018 -

Kids Being Kids ~

How many of us as kids have “borrowed” our mum’s lipstick to apply it the way we watched her do?

The lipstick or lip gloss was invariably borrowed out of her well worn purse that was constantly a magnet drawing us in.

Then when we were tall enough to reach, the dressing table in the bedroom opened up another world of cosmetic fun that mom had kept secret.

Allowing your little one to play with makeup is down to the individual and a personal choice.

Kids grow up fast enough and childhood is about having fun, learning and embracing this time as it rapidly disappears.

Kids may still be kids and play with “grown up” things such as makeup but it needs controlling by you.

Bobbi Brown of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

the queen of the cosmetics world, there is not a part of the cosmetics business this legend has not worked in. | Source

Little Girls Love Makeup ~

Whether it is the shiny colors, different textures or the gut instinct to become the next makeup guru and follow in the footsteps of Max Factor or Bobbi Brown, kids, particularly little girls, have long had a fascination and interest in makeup and I know I did.

I am no Bobbi Brown but I did in fact forge a career I love as a Make Up Artist, and I did work in the film Industry like Max Factor, the king of the cosmetics industry in my opinion. I am passionate about creating looks for many different occasions which includes working with kids.

I have done fantasy makeup on kids, Halloween, stage shows and first teenager parties to name a few and love working with kids. Applying makeup on kids requires a little thought on products, appropriate application and occasion.

Princess Makeup

parties are a great fun way of making little ones feel like princesses with a little makeup applied by you. | Source

What to Avoid ~

If you see any of the following ingredients listed as an independent ingredient or as part of a longer named ingredient, you should avoid using the product.

Things to Consider for Kids ~

Age – What age is old enough and how much makeup is appropriate?

These two questions should be answered by you and not your little one! For example, on the really young children of 3 – 5 years of age (the purse borrowers) a slick of plain or tinted lip balm should be adequate in my opinion.

I would avoid any other makeup products unless it is essential for a stage show or for dressing up at Halloween. For the older ages it is down to you as a parent as to what is appropriate ultimately the decision is yours for kids makeup.

Ingredients - Is makeup dangerous?

Parents should be equipped with some basic makeup information that will make the products you use on their skin safer.

Yes safer, there are many dangerous chemicals and toxins used in cosmetics that are not regulated. Knowing what is in cosmetics is important without having to be a chemist as there are alarming numbers of unsafe ingredients in cosmetic and beauty products.

Make sure you know what is in the products. ALL cosmetic brands have the ingredients listed on the packaging.

By either making your own products or choosing the right safe brands, you will be happy knowing your child is safe from potentially harmful chemicals they can easily digest, breathe in or have absorbed through the skin.

The really cheap makeup you may be tempted to buy your little girl at the toy store or discount shop is potentially lethal and could cause allergies, poisoning and eye irritations to name a few.